Blog Marketing – Developing Thought Leadership & Improving Search Results

Blog Marketing helps create awareness, reinforces your thought leadership, and raises your visibility in search engines. Search engines favor blog content because it is so rich in searchable keywords. By creating relevant content tailored for your industry and audiences, you can optimize your exposure online. Read more about the benefits of Blog Marketing here.

Here are a few examples of blog campaigns we’ve helped develop:

Andres Tapia, Chief Diversity Officer & Emerging Workforce Solutions Leader at Hewitt Associates, is one of the leading authorities on global diversity issues in the workplace and beyond. Andres recently authored The Inclusion Paradox: The Obama Era and the Transformation of Global Diversity, a new book that breaks ground in challenging the notion that the melting pot leads to inclusion, or that current best practices will be enough to achieve breakthrough.

Working with our partner, Melissa Giovagnoli, at NetWorlding, SimplifiedSolutions developed a search engine marketing strategy to position Andres as a thought leader, promote book sales and increase speaker engagements, all in support of new business development. The search engine-friendly blog marketing site, InclusionParadox.com, was supported by Social Media Advertising (Facebook), Social Media Networking and other viral tactics.

The blog attracts 1,500 visitors each month and the critically acclaimed book is available at Amazon.com.

Englewood Construction, Inc. is a national commercial general contractor specializing in the construction of retail, restaurant, shopping center, office, industrial and hospitality projects. Their recent showcase project is the new Zara store in the heart of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

SimplifiedSolutions worked with Taylor Johnson PR to design a blog marketing program to improve the firm’s overall presence online. HardHatChat.com was designed to enhance the thought leadership of the firm’s executives and improve search rankings for the corporate website. The search-friendly blog content (created by our partner Taylor Johnson), was also used for PR, Linked-in, Twitter and email marketing.

The blog program is driving 7% of the traffic to EnglewoodContstruction.com, with overall visitors up 14%.

Paul Margolis Leadership Coaching brings an unorthodox approach to executive performance training. His blog, Leadership Brief: Insights and Ideas for increasing your performance, showcases his thought leadership on the subject and features several case studies.

We also used the LinkedIn and Twitter to promote the blog content. Keywords and links within the blog help the company in search results. Automated emails notify subscribers when a new blog is posted acting as a timely email marketing campaign.

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