Simplified Solutions – Developing a Custom Membership Dues System


The client owns a garage dedicated to bike parking. Commuters who ride their bike to work can join the garage as a member and secure a daily parking spot for their bikes.


To do away with the previous system of manually charging members every month and develop an automated payment system that automatically delivers monthly membership dues.


Using the ASP.NET framework, SimplifiedSolutions built a system to manage the dues of the members.  Through the system, member fees are automatically billed on a monthly or annual basis depending on the customer.  The system allows members to go into their account and extend their membership.  Additionally, there is a portal that allows members to see previous payments, update their membership status or cancel all together.


The new automation significantly reduced the amount of hours that were needed to run the membership facility.  Additionally, the cash flow is automated and streamlined.  There is now one central location to manage everything, and nothing is based on paper anymore.

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