KidPickers.com: Building an Online Social Community for Children by Mike Wolfe of American Pickers

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Mike Wolfe, the creator and host of the hit television series“American Pickers”,  wanted to pass on his passion for the great American tradition of exploring, collecting and trading to the future generation of pickers-kids.


Create a safe and educational online space where kids from 7-12 years of age can share their picking experiences with their peers while learning about the history of their families and communities through the items they collect.

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After using social media to get input from parents and teachers,  Simplified Solutions used the Social Engine platform to created a digital playground for young pickers at www.KidsPickers.com.  The moderated online social community gives kids the ultimate “show and tell” experience and explore the world of picking through interactive games, share photos of their treasured finds, and learn picking tips from  Mike Wolfe himself. The journey is filled with learning moments about history, recycling and exploring their local communities all in a safe environment.


Within a five month window of the launch, over 1,200 kids had a password-protected profile with 1,200,000 page views.  KidPickers.com is receiving positive reviews from parents and teachers alike.

Simplified Solutions continues to webmaster the website in addition to managing the social engagement.

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American Pickers – Online Marketing Turns Rust Into Gold for TV Star Mike Wolfe


Mike Wolfe is the star of The History Channel’s highest rated show of all time — American Pickers. Since he was waist-high, Mike has been picking through junk looking for treasure, and since becoming a TV personality Mike has earned the well deserved reputation as one of American’s best foragers.


Advance Mike’s new found fame and build his Antique Archaeology brand and business.


SimplifiedSolutions developed a suite of online marketing solutions which included a new Antique Archaeology website, an e-commerce store, several social media platforms, a content marketing campaign, and an email marketing campaign, all aimed at building Mike’s customer loyalty and generating revenue.


The launch of the new website and social media platforms created a strong reputation winning Mike 120,000 avid fans on Facebook, 50,000 devoted Twitter followers, and over 400,000 monthly website visitors.

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Additionally, the email campaigns produce a 50% open rate with a 75% click through rate to key landing pages. Through Facebook advertising and social media, Antique Archaeology gear is generating incremental revenue for merchandise.  SimplifiedSolutions is currently working on a kid-focused social community website, books, and marketing for the two retail store locations.

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