Young Rembrandts – A Strategy for Web Development and E-Commerce

SimplifiedSolutions strategic roadmap for web development and online marketing helps art education franchisor increase web traffic and enrollment by over 200%.  Online revenue increases by 15% in 6 months. 

Young RembrandtsBackground

Young Rembrandts is a franchise business concept that brings art education and instruction to children ages 3-12. Young Rembrandts art classes are run as an after-school program through elementary, preschools, park districts and now in Michaels Craft Stores in over 80 markets across the US and Canada, and expanding internationally.


Improve Young Rembrandt’s search engine page rankings, value proposition, website user enrollment experience and back ending website management including lead tracking capabilities.


Young Rembrandts Website on UmbracoSolution

Using a combination of stakeholder surveys, consumer insight, keyword and web traffic analytics, and technical development best practices, SimplifiedSolutions created strategic roadmap to guide the building of new website for Young Rembrandts. With a focus on a stronger consumer proposition, enhanced user experience and a powerful new administrative control panel (built on the popular Umbraco CMS platform), the new website has improved Young Rembrandt’s ability to manage the ecommerce side of their business more effectively and efficiently.

YoungRembrandts.com features new streamlined enrollment process makes it easier for prospective students to find local classes through a navigational friendly interface. A simple and customized dashboard using .NET and HTML 5 allows Young Rembrandts administrators to update and manage class signup and registration using a more efficient process.

A custom API was written to capture leads and Constant Contact sign-ups for the 80 franchisees as well as the parent organization, to launch an email marketing nurture campaign. SEO-rich micro-websites for each franchisee allows for local management while keeping brand messages intact.  The CMS system also enables the client to efficiently manage banner ad management and create custom landing pages with unique offers.  A separate new blog marketing website was developed to link to the website and promote thought leadership within the art education space. The website was fully optimized with a SEO keyword strategy to improve Young Rembrandts search rankings and increase website traffic.  To measure performance and ROI, enhanced analytics with goal setting was added to the website.

Power in Art BlogResults

SimplifiedSolutions provided a highly dynamic website and enrollment system that improved Young Rembrandt’s search engine presence, showcased their local classes, and allowed them to easily deliver fresh, relevant content to their customers (and capture great leads and data).

The results since the launch have produced impressive numbers:

  • Overall total online revenue increased by 15%
  • Online enrollments jumped up by 200%
  • Total website visits were up by 203%
  • First-time visitors increased by 270%
  • The overall website bounce rate was decreased by 13%.

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Affiliated Resource Group – Web Design and Development for Lead Generation


Affiliated Resource Group is a premier IT firm located in Ohio. The growing Microsoft Network Partner is evolving its practice areas and repositioning the company as a full-service IT solutions provider.


Showcase Affiliated strategic capabilities, expanded practice areas, and thought-leadership as a premier Midwest Microsoft partner and one-stop IT solutions provider. Improve the brand messaging, search rankings and website traffic. Generate and track leads more effectively.


SimplifiedSolutions helped Affiliated Resource Group redefine online lead generation strategy by developing and a new robust 50-page website. With a focus on enhanced user experience and solutions-based messaging, key landing pages were created for

each new practice area and industry-specific solutions. Dynamic feeds were developed to serve up relevant case studies, news, and on-going webinar events on each page. Using a keyword strategy, the website was fully optimized to improve Affiliated’s search rankings and increase website traffic. Enhanced analytics and a set of CRM tools were also integrated into the website to track the user journey, measure conversion and capture data for use by the Affiliated sales team.  A enterprise level CMS system allows the client to create landing pages for specific offers for webinars and on-demand content , all tied to the CRM database. These offers are promoted via paid search and email marketing campaigns.


SimplifiedSolutions provided a highly dynamic and integrated website that improved Affiliated’s search engine presence, showcased their expanded practice areas, allowed them to efficiently push fresh, relevant content to their customers, and enabled them to more effectively capture customer and prospect data.

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Roothouse Inc. – The Rapid Deployment of a Multi-Storefront, Single Catalog E-Commerce Solution


Roothouse Inc. is an e-commerce company that prides itself on quick deployment of niche websites driven off a single catalog. They selected SimplifiedSolutions to build their robust e-commerce stores from the ground up using the zNode platform. Roothouse recognized a tremendous opportunity to grow online sales and effectively interact with their customers in a new and more efficient way.

Calsport.com was the first site to launch, followed quickly by BlackboxPaintball.com and TailsandThings.com (an online pet products store).


Roothouse expressed the importance of speed to market with 28,000 dropship products, and needed an ecommerce solution rapidly deployed for multiple websites – all of which were to be managed leveraging a single catalog and administrative panel. An interest was also expressed in tightly integrating social channels into their websites to enable seamless interaction with their brand and new customers in a variety of ways.


As a part of our process, SimplifiedSolutions collaborated with key stakeholders to plan and implement a Simplified Roadmap. The Roadmap included of functional and technical recommendations as well as strategic marketing tactics including social media

The Roadmap recommendations led to the successful launch of their robust, multi-storefront e-commerce solution built on the flexible zNode ecommerce platform. The Roadmap also resulted in the successful activation of their social media channels (using Facebook ‘like’ campaigns to create buzz and drive qualified traffic to their sites). Thousands of fans joined their pages in Facebook.

Specific functionality was used – like live chat, wishlists, email to a friend, share this, and peer reviews – to create a sense of community and facilitate interaction with their brand. From an architectural standpoint, this solution was developed to scale with future growth of stores as they continue to drive more customers to their websites and boost sales volume.


Sales through all stores continue to multiply. The zNode platform enabled Simplified Solutions to rapidly roll out over 28,000 drop-ship products using a single catalog for three web stores over a 60-day timeframe. This ecommerce solution is a catalyst for sales growth for years to come, while their Facebook fan pages have quadrupled in participation since launch… and continues to grow weekly.

For more information on web development, online marketing and ecommerce solutions, visit www.SimplifiedSolutions.biz or contact Tom Casale at 1.312.846.7669.

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