Roothouse Inc. – The Rapid Deployment of a Multi-Storefront, Single Catalog E-Commerce Solution


Roothouse Inc. is an e-commerce company that prides itself on quick deployment of niche websites driven off a single catalog. They selected SimplifiedSolutions to build their robust e-commerce stores from the ground up using the zNode platform. Roothouse recognized a tremendous opportunity to grow online sales and effectively interact with their customers in a new and more efficient way.

Calsport.com was the first site to launch, followed quickly by BlackboxPaintball.com and TailsandThings.com (an online pet products store).


Roothouse expressed the importance of speed to market with 28,000 dropship products, and needed an ecommerce solution rapidly deployed for multiple websites – all of which were to be managed leveraging a single catalog and administrative panel. An interest was also expressed in tightly integrating social channels into their websites to enable seamless interaction with their brand and new customers in a variety of ways.


As a part of our process, SimplifiedSolutions collaborated with key stakeholders to plan and implement a Simplified Roadmap. The Roadmap included of functional and technical recommendations as well as strategic marketing tactics including social media

The Roadmap recommendations led to the successful launch of their robust, multi-storefront e-commerce solution built on the flexible zNode ecommerce platform. The Roadmap also resulted in the successful activation of their social media channels (using Facebook ‘like’ campaigns to create buzz and drive qualified traffic to their sites). Thousands of fans joined their pages in Facebook.

Specific functionality was used – like live chat, wishlists, email to a friend, share this, and peer reviews – to create a sense of community and facilitate interaction with their brand. From an architectural standpoint, this solution was developed to scale with future growth of stores as they continue to drive more customers to their websites and boost sales volume.


Sales through all stores continue to multiply. The zNode platform enabled Simplified Solutions to rapidly roll out over 28,000 drop-ship products using a single catalog for three web stores over a 60-day timeframe. This ecommerce solution is a catalyst for sales growth for years to come, while their Facebook fan pages have quadrupled in participation since launch… and continues to grow weekly.

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