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Smart Resources is one of the most respected independent staffing firms in Chicago. They specialize in permanent and temporary administrative placement. The firm launched a new accounting division in 2009.


To protect the current client base and maintain a pool of highly qualified candidates in the face of a highly competitive environment as well as. drive more website traffic and leads.


SimplifiedSolutions designed a Google-friendly online marketing roadmap to create a higher web presence and lead development. The Smart Resources website was redesigned with effective landing pages and optimized for SEO. A pay-per-click advertising (PPC) search, online PR program, online surveys, and a segmented email marketing campaign with added value content and offers went live, as did highly interactive social media platforms on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yelp.


Smart Resources ranks in the top five for all their key search terms. Traffic to their website increased by 177%. Conversion rates increased by 221%, and the PPC campaign landed two new accounts during its two-month run. The targeted email campaigns boast an open rate of over 40% among customers and candidates. The opt-in list grew by 120%.

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Simplified Solutions – A Chicago Internet marketing and technology agency




Paid Search – The Sugar Buzz of Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid SearchA Paid Search Advertising campaign, informed by specific keyword terms used by customers in online searches, can drive substantial qualified traffic to specific website landing pages or offers. Paid search also targets relevant content on other websites that accept online advertising.

SimplifiedSolutions sets up and manages several Pay-per-click (PPC) programs for clients using Google Adwords, Microsoft Ad Center (Bing), or YouTube

Ten East Delaware is one of the premier new property developments in Chicago’s Gold Coast. We designed a Google Adwords campaign to optimize web traffic during the high volume spring selling season. The sponsored text ads average 600 new visits, or three times the normal traffic, and substantially increase calls to the sales center.

SimplifiedSolutions used Google Adwords and content ad programs to help The John Marshall Law School content ad programs to promote the the school’s advanced degree programs. The marketing program drove 3x the normal website traffic and increased applications by 30%.

Smart Resources, a successful independent staffing firm in Chicago, launched a new accounting division in 2009. To give the new accounting and financial placement service a lift during a key hiring period, we developed a Google Adwords campaign that drove over 900 unique website hits and several new account acquisitions. We lowered the cost per click by 10% while raising the click though rates by 13%

Active Arm is a tennis elbow exercise treatment program developed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Bohn. During high season search periods, content-based PPC drives incremental sales at a redesigned landing page.

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Simplified Solutions – A Chicago Internet marketing and technology agency