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Affiliated Resource Group is a premier IT firm located in Ohio. The growing Microsoft Network Partner is evolving its practice areas and repositioning the company as a full-service IT solutions provider.


Showcase Affiliated strategic capabilities, expanded practice areas, and thought-leadership as a premier Midwest Microsoft partner and one-stop IT solutions provider. Improve the brand messaging, search rankings and website traffic. Generate and track leads more effectively.


SimplifiedSolutions helped Affiliated Resource Group redefine online lead generation strategy by developing and a new robust 50-page website. With a focus on enhanced user experience and solutions-based messaging, key landing pages were created for

each new practice area and industry-specific solutions. Dynamic feeds were developed to serve up relevant case studies, news, and on-going webinar events on each page. Using a keyword strategy, the website was fully optimized to improve Affiliated’s search rankings and increase website traffic. Enhanced analytics and a set of CRM tools were also integrated into the website to track the user journey, measure conversion and capture data for use by the Affiliated sales team.  A enterprise level CMS system allows the client to create landing pages for specific offers for webinars and on-demand content , all tied to the CRM database. These offers are promoted via paid search and email marketing campaigns.


SimplifiedSolutions provided a highly dynamic and integrated website that improved Affiliated’s search engine presence, showcased their expanded practice areas, allowed them to efficiently push fresh, relevant content to their customers, and enabled them to more effectively capture customer and prospect data.

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